Portstewart Cash out in Lisburn

Promotion hopefuls Ballymacash Rangers suffered a setback with a home defeat to Portstewart.

The visitors moved in front after 12 minutes through Lee Forgrave, with the unfortunate home defender Matthew Parker turning the ball into his own net to double the Seahawks’ lead before the half-hour mark.

Substitute Chris Ferguson reduced the deficit nine minutes after the break but ‘Cash failed to find a way back into the game.



  • Brian Neeson
  • Matthew Parker goal-icon 27′ (OG)
  • Stuart Clarke
  • Zach Barr
  • Jack Smith
  • Gareth Tommons
  • Joshua Cahoon
  • Mark Drysdale
  • Kyle Beggs
  • Curtis Woods
  • Dylan Sinnerton


  • Ewan Smyth
  • Stephen Glasgow
  • Jordon Morrison
  • Michael Moore
  • Guillaume Keke
  • Ryan Newberry
  • Chris Ferguson goal-icon 54′


  • Conor Henry
  • Lee Forgrave goal-icon 12′
  • Taylor McBride
  • Michael Stewart
  • John Watt
  • Kori Doherty
  • Glenn Law
  • Bobby-Jack McAleese
  • Ryan Doherty
  • Ryan Campbell
  • Lewis Nevin


  • Reece Oliver
  • Joel Bradley
  • Nicky Hudson
  • Ross Stewart
  • Shea Curran
  • Luke McConnell
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